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Sharing on my participation in the Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival

Ref Number: SCF 2015_9b

  • Date7 Sep 2015
  • Category A Word from Friends
  • TargetsN/A
  • AuthorMs Lo King Ying, Student of Department of Health and Physical Education, Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • Topic Sex Culture

In this semester, our course is collaborating with The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK). They provided an opportunity to us to hold an exhibition in the Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival. The theme is “Sex and Fashion” (性裳色).

During this course, we learnt in several ways such as lectures, site visiting, exhibition, workshops and mobile classroom. I think this is a great experience for me because I have learnt some skills. I want to share the experience about the preparation of Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival.

In this event, we needed to design a display board. Our group focused on the relationships between clothes and sex culture in different countries. I remember that in the first presentation, our idea could not meet the expectation of FPAHK. They thought our ideas were not related to the theme of sex cultural festival. At that time, we were very disappointed because we have spent a lot of time preparing it. Despite the disappointment, we did not give up, but put effort to do it all over again. So, we worked overnight to improve the display board. We believed that we could do the best.

Moreover, I thought coming up with only one display board was not enough because we needed to consider the needs of different age groups. For the teenagers or adults, the display board was suitable for them since they could receive the information from the words. On the other hand, we considered that sex education in children was also important, so we designed a game board to help children know more about sex. And also, we provided some accessories for visitors to try on. We hope that we can promote the sex culture through different ways. After the improvements, the staffs of FPAHK were very satisfied with our content and design.

Over all of the preparation of the sex cultural festival, this experience is memorable for me because the process is fully out of our control. Based on we faced with this challenge, and we could handle it well. I think this is a good opportunity to show our talents.

Problem-solving skills and communication skills were useful on our voluntary work in Sex Cultural Festival. Our duty was to introduce the display boards and answer the visitors’ questions. We were very surprised that our display board was highly appreciated by the visitors.

Since we wanted to collect some comments toward our display board, we interviewed several visitors briefly. They commented that our contents were very interesting. They did not know kimono (和服) was related to the sex culture before visiting our booth. And our design of display board was very professional. They really appreciated our efforts because they knew our information was not simply copied from the internet. Through the communication with the visitors, they gave us some comments about our display board. For example, we could use more pictures to replace the words because they thought our board had too many words. But in overall comments, they all think that our display board can attract their attention.

However, we were also challenged by a visitor. He thought that kimono (和服) did not relate to sex, but is related to the history of family planning policy in Japan. We did not refute his idea. And I think this was a great chance for us to discuss with him because we could exchange our personal opinions which can help us to do better next time. It was unexpected to me that we could deal with the problem calmly. In this event, I think we have maintained a good performance because we have well problem-solving skills and communication skills. We can gain some new knowledge from the visitor and deal with the problem effectively.

What have I learn?
Overall, we learnt that preparation and team spirit are very important to our work because it would affect the process of the event. And then, division of work is also important because this is a group work and we need to maintain a good working relationship with our group mates. For the tour in FPAHK, I understand that family planning included a wide range of services. More importantly, we learnt more about family planning through our group presentation.

For the future, I think family planning will be common in Hong Kong. It can help us maintain a prosperous life. For example, if you have done well in family planning, you can strike a balance between physical, mental and social well-being. That means you can have enough time to prepare everything before having a baby. Since the family planning has lots of benefits, I suggest the government should make more effort on promoting this service. Based on our research, Hong Kong government can refer to Russia to provide free premarital examination to the citizen. I think it may be the best way to promote family planning.