Sexuality Education Youth Volunteer Team


When talking about sexuality, our youth feel either awkward or not interested. As the society still treats sexuality as a taboo, our youth often not take this topic seriously. Indeed, sexuality is all about our growth and development, talking about sexuailty is beneficial to our health and well-being!

We believe that young people have the right to acquire  knowledge of  sexual and reproductive health, understand how to take care of own sexual health. We also recognize that they are powerful in mobilizing their peers to talk about sexuality in a healthy way. We develop a sexuality education youth volunteer team (formerly known as “Famplus2’).  By delivering a range of interactive activities, we aim to establish a relaxing atmosphere for talking about sexuality. We encourage youth to talk about different sex-related issues in a positive and open manner, and learn to appreciate diversity and respect different cultures.

The sexuality education youth volunteer team “Red Face No More(Formerly known as: Famplus2) was established in April 2001, which is  the first youth volunteer team dedicated to promoting sexuality education in Hong Kong. Our members are students or working youth  aged16 to 25 years. In the past few years, the team had successfully implemented various sexuality education programs such as Sexuality Education "Love and be Together" workshop, "9.26 World Contraception Day- Don't Take Chances" Online Campaign, a Weekend Market about promoting safer sex and contraception etc. With the power of young volunteerism, Red Face No More” will continue to promote sexuality education for different communities.


Please stay tuned to our next volunteer recruitment. For details, please refers to Chinese version. 

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