Family Sexuality Education

We believe that “sexuality education begins at home”. Children spend most of time with their parents which give parents an important role in helping their children to grow up healthily. Some parents worry that early implementation of sexuality education may lead to children’s sexual curiosity. In fact, children are born with sexual feelings and are curious about sexuality. While our society is constantly bombarded with sex-related information, parents are encouraged to teach their children about sexuality and self-protection according to needs and learning ability, so as to help develop children’s analytical skills, a healthy and responsible sexual attitude, and learn to make smart choices on sexual matters.

We organize a variety of programmes every year to disseminate message of family sexuality education, and to equip parents with the skills and confidence of talking about sexuality with their children, maintaining a harmonious relationship and good communications with their children.   

Our services include:

  • Talks for Parents
  • Parent-child Storytelling Workshop
  • Parent-child Playgroup

The Basics of Family Sexuality Education

To facilitate children’s healthy development of sexuality and to start sexuality education at home, parents may get prepared on the following three aspects, namely attitude, skills and knowledge (ASK):

Establish a healthy sexual attitude

Parents’ sexual attitude will directly affect children’s perception of sexuality. Parents may adopt an open attitude and accept children’s curiosity and needs, talk with their children in an honest way, and encourage children to share their doubts about sexuality for clarification.

Acquire teaching skills

Family sexuality education can be integrated into our daily life. Parents may seize teachable moments and make use of daily examples for guiding children to think and ask questions. This will help improve children’s observation, analytical skills and develop positive values towards sexuality.

Be equipped with sex knowledge

Without basic sex knowledge, parents will find it difficult to talk about sexuality with their children. Parents should be well equipped with proper sex knowledge, clarify personal myths and prejudice towards sexuality so as to tackle children’s doubts and misunderstanding of sexuality.