Male Condom

The condom is a rubber sheath worn over the erected penis to prevent sperms from entering the woman's uterus. It has to be worn correctly during every act of sexual intercourse. It is relatively free of side effects and may protect both partners against sexually transmissible diseases. People sensitive to rubber should not use condom.

Directions for use:

  1. Check the package to ensure that it is intact and has not expired.
  2. Tear open the package carefully and gently press out the condom. Be careful not to damage it with sharp fingernails.
  3. The condom should be put on before the penis touches the woman's genital area.
  4. Expel air from the teat of the condom by squeezing or twisting it (Diagram 1).
  5. Place the condom on the erected penis and carefully unroll it until it covers the whole penis (Diagram 2).
  6. After ejaculation, the condom must be held in place when the penis is withdrawn, taking care that no seminal fluid is spilt.
  7. A new condom must be used for each act of intercourse.


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