ARC Programs

To promote public awareness of family sexuality education, we organize parent talks to equip parents with attitudes, knowledge and skills to talk about sexuality with children. We organize a range of parent-child activities, including parent-child early childhood sexuality education workshops, storytelling programs and open days. With added elements such as storytelling, puppet shows, artwork, etc., these programs aim to help children acquire sex knowledge, develop interpersonal skills and positive sexual attitudes in a fun and relaxing way.

To promote sexuality education, a variety of sexuality education programs are organized from time to time, such as exhibitions, interactive theater, artwork or DIY workshops, so as to encourage participants to reflect on own sexual attitudes from multiple perspectives. We organize regular talks on sex and intimacy, public health talks, and a range of talks inviting resource persons from different fields to discuss hot topics and controversial sex-related issues and facilitate discussion and sharing among public.

Public are welcome to enroll for sexuality education programs and workshops at our Centre. ARC members can register in advanced at a discounted price. Interested parties may click here to browse the latest activities, or contact our staff at 2919 7793 for enquiries.