ARC Programs

To integrate sexuality education into daily life, varied activities and workshops will be held. Members can make reservation in advance and enjoy benefits of joining these workshops at a discounted price. Public are welcome to join too. For enquiries, please click here (link to 5.2 Sexuality Education Program), or contact our staff at 2919 7793.

Handmade Gifts Workshops are designed to empower youth with confidence. In these workshops, they can express their love by making different kinds of gifts for relatives or partners. To stimulate their talents in creativity, different sorts of art skills will be taught in Creative Arts Workshops. Film Shows for self-reflection of sexual beliefs and values will be arranged irregularly for our youth members free of charge.

Parent Talks are organized to encourage parents to deliver family sexuality education and talk about sexuality with their children in a relaxed manner. Also, Parent & Child Workshops are suitable for parents and children to participate together. Story-telling, puppet show, music and art are incorporated to deliver sexual knowledge and help young children develop a healthy sexual attitude in a fun way.

Speakers from different professions and groups will be invited to conduct public talks; where controversial issues or heated topics about sexuality will be shared and discussed by parents, teachers, social workers, children/youth workers with our speakers.

Public are welcome to join our regular talks, including Sex life Talk: Basic Knowledge Session, Sex life Talk: Pleasure and Delight Session, and Subfertility Talk. For details, please refer Sexuality Education Programs.