Sexuality Education Youth Volunteer Team


When talking about sexuality, our youth feel either funny or disgusting. As our society tends to treat sexuality as a problem, our youth failed to take it seriously. Indeed, sexuality is the knowledge about our own self which is an essential component of our health and well being

We believe that our youth have the right to know the knowledge about their sexual and reproductive health. We also recognized that they are powerful in mobilizing their peers to talk about sex healthily. With the means like interactive activities, we aim to establish a relaxing atmosphere among the youth when talking about sexuality. We also hope that the youth will learn to respect individual differences in sexuality.

The youth sexuality education volunteer team “Famplus2” was established in April 2001 by Education Division of FPAHK. We are the first youth volunteer team dedicated to promoting sexuality education in Hong Kong. Our members are teenagers aged from16 to 25 years old, including university students and working youth. In the past few years, Famplus2 had successfully implemented various sexuality education programs such as Sexuality Education Magic Theatre on Cyber Love, City Orientation Contest on Love and Dating, Sexuality and Body Interactive Exhibition etc.



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