About Education Division


The Family Planning Association has been dedicated to advocating sexuality education in the local community. We believe that sexuality is an integral part of our lives; comprehensive sexuality education is a part of all-round education which helps children and youth to enhance their well-being,  develop harmonious interpersonal relationship, and facilitates the sexual and reproductive health of individuals.

The Education Division has been providing sexuality education since 1970s. Various sexuality education programmes are offered to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutes, as well as the general public. Regular training programmes targeting at teachers, parents, social workers and healthcare professionals are provided. A wide range of multi-media resources, resource centre and mobile classroom services are developed to provide teaching support for sex educators, serving over 70,000 people every year. In recent years, our Association has been frequently invited to conduct sharing and training workshops in China and Macau. Sexuality education is further promoted to the public through different media channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio station, websites and social media. In addition, we train up a group of young people and develop a youth volunteer team "Red Face No More" (formerly known as “Famplus2’), using the peer education approach to disseminate healthy sex-related messages among young people in the community. We are committed to the development of sexuality education resources, including the publication of a bilingual newsletter “0-18+.” Our newly publications or teaching aids developed every year have been widely recognized.  Several of our publications were selected as the recommended books at the Hong Kong Book Fair. We have been actively developing online resources, including the sexuality education website, Facebook and Instagram page.

Our recent initiatives include launching of the first “Interactive Sexuality Education Resources for the Mentally Challenged” funded by the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for the Mentally Handicapped (QEFMH), a Community Level Sexuality Education Project funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant, and In-service Teacher Development Courses for Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Principals on Moral and Civic Education (Sexuality Education) jointly organized with Education Bureau.

Our Work/Services include:

  1. Front-line Programmes
  2. Sexuality Education Training Programme
  3. Resources Development
  4. Resource Centre & Mobile Classroom Services
  5. Sexuality Education Youth Volunteer Team “Red Face No More”

Should you have any enquiries about our services, please contact us at sexedu@famplan.org.hk.