School Base Services

Over the years, the Association has been assisting schools to implement sexuality education. Over 600 programmes have been organized each year targeting an audience of 70,000. Through organizing different activities, we aim to create an easy environment for teachers and students to talk about sexuality in schools. Apart from focusing on knowledge delivery, we also aim to inspire students to reflect their own values through taking part in various activities, nurture an open sexual attitude and good analytical and decision-making skills. We encourage teachers to co-organize programmes with us and acquire experience along the way. In this way, teachers and workers can plan their own sexuality education activities in the future to promote comprehensive sexuality education with sustainable programmes in schools.

Schools may select a topic from our list based on the needs and interests of their students. Programmes include:

  • Sexuality Education Talk
  • Sexuality Education Workshop
  • School Activity Week
  • School Resource Day/Week
  • Project on Sexuality Education Pioneers for Secondary School
  • Sexuality Education Guided Tour

Besides, we provide sexuality education training programme for the mentally challenged, parents and frontline workers:

  • Training Program for Teachers and Social Workers
  • Talks for Parents
  • Talks for the Mentally Challenged

Program details:

Sexuality Education School Integrated Programme (Accepts application till 30 September 2024)
Outreaching Talk / Training Programme (Accepts application for all year round)
Early Childhood Sexuality Education Programme (Accepts application for all year round)
Sexuality Education Talk / Training Programme in Macau (Accepts application for all year round)