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Sex – Reproduction – Homosexuality

Ref Number: MP040826

  • Date2 Sep 2004
  • Category Ming Pao
  • TargetsN/A
  • AuthorGrace Lee, Education Division
  • Topic Sexual Orientation

A few years ago, gay writer Hsu You-shen aroused a lot of controversy when he tied the knot with his partner in Taiwan. Same sex marriages have also recently drawn considerable attention in the U.S.

Last month, a state constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriages received overwhelming support from its voters in Missouri. It is believed that the amendment will set the standard for same sax marriage policies in the States. It is also believed that more state governments will follow.

Same sex marriage is indeed controversial. Those who are against it think it is far too unnatural. They disapprove of the detachment between sexual activity and reproduction since heterosexual marriages guarantee the continuance of humankind, but homosexual ones do not. However, according to Dr. Kinsey, gay man only constitutes about one-tenth of the male population in the world. In Hong Kong, unofficial estimates indicate an even smaller number of only 7 percent. Therefore, it appears that same sex marriages play an insignificant role in hindering the road to reproduction.

While some may feel that the ultimate purpose of sexual intercourse is reproduction, many do not share this opinion. Think about it: How many sexual activities carried out every night on this planet is reproduction-oriented? To many, having sex is just a way to pleasure oneself and to share intimacy with loved ones. Reproduction is often the last thing on their minds. Especially with birth control methods gaining widespread popularity in the past decade, reproduction and sex have become far from inseparable. So why point a guilty finger at homosexuals for being non-reproductive when heterosexuals are using BCMs to prevent pregnancy?

Homosexual relationships are commonly labeled as short-lived, responsibility-free and promiscuous. However, don’t such descriptions also apply to heterosexuals? People will be surprised by the fact that homosexuals, be it gays or lesbians, can also be loyal and committed to their partners. It's too easy to simply blame homosexuals for rocking the boat in society, but is that fair?   

(Translated by Michelle Lee)