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A tomato a day, ‘beauty’ is on the way

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  • Date22 Dec 2003
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Women over the age of 25 might find their metabolism rate slowing down gradually, coupled with the effects of the ruthless weather changes and ultra-violet radiation, their skin also loses elasticity with wrinkles, intensifying signs of ageing. It’s everybody’s dream to go back to the good old days with baby-like, smooth and moisture-filled skin. That might be why beauty products like whitening treatments, hydrating masks and anti-wrinkle cream are selling through the rooftop. The same reason for skin rejuvenation technology, special eye skin-care or even detoxification products and specialty acupunctures are finding more interested customers. But, perhaps, all one needs to get radiant skin is just something which comes in very handy – tomatoes.

Tomato is called “the fruit amongst all vegetables”. In Italy, it is called the “Golden Apple”. In mid-1600’s, Spain and Portugal merchants brought home the taste of tomatoes from Central and South Americas. Thereafter, tomatoes have spread all over Asia and North America.

1) For skin whitening–
Tomato contains β-Carotene which can protect skin cells and prevent pimples and acnes. It is also a main source of vitamin-C as food, which can break up the melanin to fade black spots, whitening the skin. Another good point about tomato is that vitamin-C will not be easily destroyed during cooking and storage of food. Tomato also has vitamin-E which prevents vitamin-C from self-oxidizing, hence preventing the human skin from aging.

2) Prevention of aging skin–
Tomato contains lycopene, which is a natural kind of carotenoids. Lycopene can reduce free radicals which are blamed for aging the human body. With this, tomatoes energize the body.

3) Slimming down –
The fibres and pectin in tomato enhance metabolism rate and prevent constipation. They can also detoxify the body so intestines and stomach can function better. Eating more tomatoes helps to avoid obesity and improves one’s body figure.

4) To prevent cancers –
In 2002, the United States has classified tomato as anti-cancerous fruit. Studies have shown that tomatoes can improve the health of blood vessels and prevent cell damage. Furthermore, it can even repair the damaged cells while preventing cancers.

Tomato diets are diverse. We can just wash the tomatoes up and eat them, just like other fruits. Or we can also make dishes out of them.

Here are two examples which show how easily tomato dishes can be prepared. They could be much more effective than other artificial skin treatments. We believe they can make your body beautiful and full of energy.

1) Stewed tomato with bean curbs –
Slice the tomatoes into pieces and cut the bean curbs into smaller pieces. Stir-fry with a tea-spoon of vegetable oil and serve.

2) Tomato soup with potatoes and meat –
Skin the potatoes, wash and cut the tomatoes into smaller pieces. Preserve the minced beef by stirring up with seasoning of light soya sauce, sugar, pepper and corn starch. Bring a suitable amount of water to boil and put the potatoes in, boil for 10 minutes. After that, put in tomatoes and boil for another 5 minutes. Finally, put the minced beef in and boil again. Season with salt and serve.