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Workshops for homecare teenage girls

Ref Number: FPA201811

  • Date1 Nov 2018
  • Category Articles, Monthly Focus
  • Targets Public Educators
  • AuthorEducation Division, FPAHK
  • Topic Sexuality Education, Puberty, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Health Knowledge, Sexual Violence

The Association successfully applied for a grant from the Reverend Kok Kwong Charitable Foundation – Great Compassion Project to deliver three workshops for teenage girls in homecare. These were held on 31 August, 15 and 29 September 2018 respectively for 33 girls from “Home Care for Girls” and “Precious Blood Children Village”. The workshops provided an opportunity for the girls to clarify myths and misconceptions around menstruation, sexual harassment and sexual assault; cultivate positive sexual attitudes; and acquire basic skills in coping with menstrual periods and sexual violence. The founder of Happeriod, a local group that promotes education on menstruation, was invited to demonstrate cloth menstrual pad making. Tours in the FPAHK Youth Zone’s Activity & Resource Centre (ARC) were also arranged for the girls to get familiarized with the Association’s resources and youth services.

Results of the pre- and post-tests as well as feedback questionnaires showed that the girls’ knowledge on menstruation and sexual violence was enhanced. Most of them indicated that they would check for the Association’s resources on sexuality education if they needed more information or wished to use our youth services in future.

Drawings by the girls about their own feelings towards menstruationA group activity to explore attitudes on sexual violenceMenstrual cups and cloth menstrul pads were introduced in the workshops