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My experience as a volunteer of Famplus2

Ref Number: FP040327

  • Date27 Mar 2004
  • Category A Word from Friends
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  • AuthorKatherine Kam -- Famplus2 member
  • Topic Sexuality Education

My name is Katherine Kam. This is a personal account of my experience as a volunteer of the educational group for HK Family Planning Association.

Although I was born in HK, I was educated in Canada. Been in both worlds, I am offered the chance to see, HK is, though urban and sophisticated, the right attitude and correct sexual education, not really quite catching up. I am always drawn to the idea that I can save the world, HAHA! I have a mind to become a counsellor,  so volunteering is the first step to become a superwoman.

Since then I am in for a surprise! Not only I am exposed to the educational side of pushing the correct attitude about sex to the public. I am actually not the only person who like to be Super Human! I have made friends with a bunch of most incredible teammates. We come from different backgrounds, different ages;  there comes along a very diverse perspectives and working styles.

To unite these forces is no easy matter, we constantly overtiming our usual Wednesday nite meeting is a proof. But at the end, we alway able to come up with conclusion and solidified our power to create various educational activites through out the year. When we overrun the time, we often reward ourselves with some lovely dinning out at various restaurants around our Wan Chai headquater.

It has been 16 months since I  joined, would I recommend becoming a volunteer to anyone who: believe the public has a right to receive the correct attitude and knowledge of sex; like to meeting with a bunch of tireless, cool and stimulating friends; a great time eating out and fun gathering; and may be a chance to become superbeing? The answer is certainly YES!

Note:  Article in ""A word from friends"" is a personal account of the author's point of view. It does not represent the standpoint of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.