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The 8th Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival 2017

Ref Number: F201704

  • Date18 Apr 2017
  • Category Monthly Focus
  • TargetsN/A
  • AuthorEducation Division, FPAHK
  • Topic Sex Culture

The 8th Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival 2017 was jointly organized by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) and the Hong Kong Sex Education Association at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre on 24-27 March 2017. Themed “Sexuality and Sports”, the Festival aimed to broaden public understanding of the connections between sports culture, gender and society, and explore taboos and sexist assumptions about sports and sexuality and their influence on modern people.

Prior to the Festival, an Online Survey on Sexuality and Sports was conducted from 19 July to 29 December 2016. Among the 1,071 respondents polled, 12.8% regarded sex as one of their regular forms of exercise, ranking the 5th among the most popular sports following athletics, ball games, bodybuilding and aquatics. 30.2% of respondents were satisfied or highly satisfied with their sex life, while 33.1% found their sex life average. Those who chose sex as one of their regular forms of exercise were on average more satisfied with their sex life.

The Festival Opening Ceremony on 25 March was officiated by Mr. Alvin Yeung, Legislative Councillor, Prof. Ng Man-lun, Prof. Stanislaus Lai, Vice-President of HKSEA and Dr. Susan Fan, Executive Director of FPAHK. A song and dance performance by drag queen Coco Pop drew enthusiastic applause.

Six discussion forums were held over two days of the Festival on topics including: gender in sports culture, sports and sexuality, how to achieve a healthy sex life from the medical and psychological health perspectives, the relationships of sexual health with Taoism and yoga, sexual rights for people with disabilities, and a review of laws on sexual offences.

Exhibits were displayed throughout the four days, under the following five categories: “Foods, drinks and behaviours that can spice up your sex life”; “Taboos, prejudices and myths in sports”; “How to prevent sport injuries to your sexual health”; “What you didn’t know about gender, health, cultures and sexual functions”; “Collection of personal stories of love and sex”. Besides, a yoga workshop for couples demonstrated some yoga poses that may help improve sex life and enhance libido.

The Festival was well received by public and local media. It did indeed provide an open platform for public to acquire insights about sex culture in a relaxed atmosphere, and brought together diverse groups to jointly advocate for sexuality education and SRH rights.