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Celebrating 20th Anniversary of the International Day of the Family: FPAHK Supported “I Love Parents, I Love Family Campaign”

Ref Number: ESEAOR201405

  • Date18 May 2014
  • Category FPA Message
  • Targets Public
  • AuthorFPAHK
  • Topic Family Life Education

On 18 May 2014, over 90 religious bodies, social service organizations, schools, commercial enterprises and media agencies supported the launch of the “I Love Parents, I Love Family Campaign” to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the International Day of the Family. The central theme of the Campaign was to send blessings for children, marriages and families:

  • May all children grow up happily under the loving care of their parents;
  • May all husbands and wives develop close and supportive relationships within a stable marriage; and
  • May all families stay secure in a healthy social environment.

FPAHK carefully deliberated whether to accept the Campaign organizers’ invitation to support the launch, as the organizers and most of the participating NGOs were faith-based and upheld the principle of marriage as being “one-man-one-woman and one-husband-one-wife in one life”. FPAHK has all along been working to support, strengthen and assist couples, families and parents. Our mission and services promote lasting loving relationships and help couples achieve happy healthy families. Considering that the Campaign themes were in line with the Association’s advocacy for healthy families and responsible parenthood, there were common grounds for networking and partnership with the organizers and supporting organizations. Hence the Association joined the Campaign Launch on 18 May 2014 and pledged to support the Campaign themes.

The Campaign attracted criticisms that it was conservative and anti-homosexual, with a hidden agenda to counteract legislation bids for homosexual marriage and discrimination ordinance on sexual orientation. Media queries gave FPAHK an opportunity to reaffirm our position: while upholding core values on responsible parenthood and families, FPAHK adopts an inclusive – not exclusive – approach, respecting diversity and choice regarding sexual and reproductive health. These views were subsequently correctly and fairly reported in the media.