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FPAHK Launches Sex Therapy

Ref Number: ESEAOR200703a

  • Date1 Mar 2007
  • Category FPA Message
  • Targets Couple Public
  • AuthorFPAHK
  • Topic Sexual Life

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) announced the launch of a holistic sex therapy programme on 13th February 2007. Comprising of sex coaching, sexual dysfunction therapy and talks on Knowledge on Sexual Life, it integrates the Association’s frontline experience in medical, counselling and education services.

Dr. Susan Fan, Executive Director of the Association, said that the Association offers a wide range of services to meet different sexual and reproductive health (S&RH) needs of Hong Kong people. Sex therapy adopts an integrated approach to help couples overcome sexual problems and enjoy the pleasure of sex. The team is made up of experienced doctors, counsellors and education officers who have been trained in sex therapy, marriage therapy and sex education. Dr. Fan pointed out that harmonious sex life is an essential component of happy marriages and intimate relationships. Although sex is an inborn characteristic, an ideal sexual relationship requires the joint effort of both partners.

Dr. Sue Lo, Senior Doctor of the FPAHK, released the preliminary findings of the “Study on Sexual Attitude, Behaviour and Dysfunction in Reproductive Age Chinese Women”, which reflected that respondents were positive towards sex and agreed that sex is important in intimate relationships. While respondents who were relatively less sexually active hoped to have more sex, Dr. Lo reminded couples of the importance of foreplay and afterplay. Furthermore, the preliminary data showed that the percentage of respondents affected by sexual dysfunction was slightly higher than overseas figures. Those who were affected by the problem delayed seeking help because of reasons such as embarrassment and lack of sources.

Sex Coaching

Ms. Donna Wong, Education Officer of the Association, said that the Association’s long-standing Knowledge on Sexual Life Talks were divided into “Basic Knowledge Session” and “Pleasure and Delight Session”. Enquiries raised by couples attending the talks, as well as those submitted to the Association through the internet or over the phone revealed the need for tailor-made individual coaching. Sex coaching is conducted through face-to-face discussion on practical skills and knowledge to help couples improve the quality of their sex lives. Couples are strongly encouraged to attend the sessions together so that their own particular problems can be addressed.

Sexual Dysfunction Therapy

Ms. Christina Cheung, Senior Counsellor of the FPAHK, estimated that every year about 100 couples came for counselling because of sexual dysfunction problems such as non-consummation, desire disorder, arousal disorder, organsm disorder, sexual pain and other relationship and emotional problems. Sexual dysfunction therapy includes behavioural and cognitive modification, communication and intimacy strengthening, relationship harmonisation and emotional crisis counselling. Dr. Lo added that the Association started to provide non-consummation service in 2003 and the success rate was as high as 70%. Treatment included couple therapy, marriage therapy, sex education, life style modification, relaxation exercise and vaginal relaxation practice.

The media were very interested in the sex tools and toys displayed at the press launch. In closing, Dr. Fan wished all couples to have a happy Valentine’s Day and harmonious sex life.