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Why did I join the volunteer team of FPAHK?

Ref Number: FP021212

  • Date12 Dec 2002
  • Category A Word from Friends
  • TargetsN/A
  • AuthorIris Yip -- Famplus2 member
  • Topic Sexuality Education

Why did I join the volunteer team of FPAHK? It’s because I would like to do something meaningful in my leisure time. After I have joined the Fam+2, not only did I learn more about sexual knowledge and had the chance to establish healthy sexual attitudes, I also made some good friends who truly care about their own sexual and reproductive health, and share the interest to do something for promoting the development of sexuality education in Hong Kong.

The experience of being a volunteer is very special to me. During the year, I have learned more about the meaning of sexuality education, and what accounts for young people’s sexual and reproductive health. Furthermore, I never know how to organize a programme before, but now I have the opportunity to acquire practical skills in running activities. Take the example of holding the summer camp; it was my first time to take charge of a programme on sexuality education, and I would say the whole process was very fruitful to me.

I am proud of being a member of Fam+2. It is a team full of fun and all the members are very nice. I also found the process of promoting the sexuality education at the community level meaningful and full of challenge. Recently, I was also selected as one of the Council member of FPAHK. I was happy to see that I could have the chance to express the needs of youth at a policy level. Although I have devoted quite a lot of time on voluntary services, I am still very pleased to do so. I think I have made a right decision to join this volunteer team, as this helps a lot for my own personal growth and brighten up my life.

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