About Teen Bean

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong has been dedicated to advocating sexuality education. Since 1999, the Association has launched the Sex Education Mobile Library, which is the first of its kind in Hong Kong combining library services and sex education programs with the provision of a diversified sexual education resource centre for the community. The Sex Education Mobile Library also cooperates with schools and organizations in arranging sexuality education activities favored by schools, parents as well as citizens and it has served over 200,000 people since its launch. With the generous donation from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Association has substituted the Sex Education Mobile Library with a new Mobile Classroom in 2011, which is named as the FPA Jockey Club Teen Bean Mobile Classroom and will continue serving the community.

Being youthful and energetic in style, the FPA Jockey Club Teen Bean Mobile Classroom is incorporated with diversified multi-media and interactive elements. Its name “BEAN” represents and abbreviates the following facilities and services:


It provides sexuality education books and references for youth, teachers, social workers, parents and the public.


It is equipped with multi-media resource materials for learning and teaching. E-resources viewing and loaning are also available.


It cooperates with schools and organizations to arrange diversified sexuality education activities.


It is actively involved in schools and local communities, promoting sexuality education to youth, parents, teachers, social workers and the general public.