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Recommended HIV/AIDS Strategies for Hong Kong 2007-2011

Ref Number: ESEAOR200706b

  • Date1 Jun 2007
  • Category FPA Message
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  • AuthorFPAHK
  • Topic STIs & AIDS

The Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS (ACA), in its mandate to advise the Government on policies relating to the prevention, care and control of HIV infection and AIDS in Hong Kong, developed a new set of strategies for year 2007-2011. The document serves as the blueprint for collective efforts against AIDS in the next five years, in response to the changing local epidemic which has entered a dynamic and volatile phase.

The document is divided into 3 sections. The first section comprises a brief overview of the current HIV/AIDS situation and programme response. The second part depicts the strategies framework and identifies current priority areas. The third part delineates targets and indicators, and describes the stakeholders and players pivotal to achieving the tasks.

The Strategies advocate a partnership approach whereby the Government spearheads policy and funding support, the Department of Health conducts surveillance and provides treatment, and AIDS NGOs deliver advocacy, prevention and care through involving affected communities.

The Community Forum on AIDS, convened by Dr Susan Fan, Executive Director of FPAHK, has been meeting every 3 months in the FPAHK Board Room. Members come from AIDS NGOs, the Department of Health, ACA and academic institutions, all working towards a common goal of reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS and limiting its spread. The Forum played a major role in drafting the Strategies, and will continue to provide input on formulating concrete target indicators and action plans according to the Strategies. In March and April this year, Dr Fan led CFA members on exchange visits to ten NGOs, namely Action for Reach Out, AIDS Concern, Boys and Girls Clubs Association, Community Organization for Intervention, Care and Empowerment, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, Society for AIDS Care, Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers, Mercury Health Education Centre of The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, St. John’s Cathedral HIV Education Centre, and Youth Outreach Programme of Caritas. These visits helped to enhance mutual understanding of the wide range of community programmes targeting vulnerable groups that were being provided by the NGOs.