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The 5th Anniversary Celebration of Yuen Long Women’s Club

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  • Date31 May 2005
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Yuen Long Women’s Club, one of the seven women’s clubs set up by The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) celebrated its 5th Anniversary on 31 May 2005. The newly elected Executive Committee of the Women’s Club was inaugurated at the ceremony in the presence of 150 guests, including government officials from the Social Welfare Department and Home Affairs Department, representatives from district organizations and women’s club members.

Set up in 2000, Yuen Long Women’s Club has a membership of 770 women. Like the other Women’s Clubs under the FPAHK, it is run by an Executive Committee elected from all members once every two years. Ms Lo Yuen-lan, President of the Club, addressed the Inauguration Ceremony by highlighting their efforts in helping new arrival women integrated into local communities and achievements in pioneering sex education programs in kindergartens to prevent child sexual abuse. Yuen Long Women’s Club has been an important partner to the Department of Nursing Studies of the University of Hong Kong in conducting a study on calcium dietary in-take by menopause women, it has also been actively training health ambassadors to education women on urinary incontinence. In the coming year, the Club will join hands with other Women’s Clubs of FPAHK to promote awareness of cervical health and to encourage healthcare practices to prevent cervical cancer.