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If I did not squeeze the end of the condom and did not expel the air out before I used the condom, will the possibility of pregnancy increase dramatically?

If you do not expel the air from the teat of the condom, there is a chance the condom might break during sexual intercouse.

I would just like to ask when shall a guy wear his condom? When his penis is erected? or before that? Before his penis is inserted into a woman's vagina? I heard that even a couple which only have sex with each other (no other sex partners) should use condom during sex to prevent sexually transmitted diseases? is this correct?

The condom should be in place before any sexual contact, and the penis needs to be fully erect. Before putting on the condom, squeeze the teat end free of air and unroll the condom fully over the penis so that condom is tightly fitted to the penis from top to bottom without air filled. Remember, when a man become sexually aroused, some sperms containing secretion will come out before ejaculation. So, once the penis is in contact with female sexual organ, there is a chance of pregnancy. Condom is an effective contraceptive method when used properly, it also provides protection against Sexually transmissible diseases (STDs) and may protect women from cervical cancer. But whether couples will use condom or not is a personal choice.

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