Birth Control

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The Birth Control Clinics of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong provide contraceptives, consultation and health check-up to clients who practise contraception (including condoms and periodic abstinence). Clients may visit the clinic at its opening hours and appointment is not required.*

* Women who do not practise contraception (including menopausal or sterilized women) please use our Women's Health Service or Menopause Service
* Men looking for services other than contraception please use our Men's Health Service
* Birth Control Clinics also serve married women aged below 26. For unmarried women aged below 26, please use our Youth Health Care Service

Nurse Assessment & Services Contraceptive Services

Doctor consultation may be arranged, if necessary, after nurse assessment.

Reversible Contraceptive Methods

Permanent Contraceptive Methods

  • Pre-Vasectomy Counselling
    (cases will be referred to our Men's Health Service where surgery will be arranged)
  • Pre-surgery Counselling for Female Sterilization
    (cases will be referred to public or private hospitals for surgery)

Emergency Contraception

Medical Services

20 April 2018

Due to limited resources, our cervical cancer vaccination service will now only be provided to Hong Kong residents. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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