Birth Control

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Birth Control Clinics provide contraceptives, consultation and health check-up to clients who practise contraception (including condoms and periodic abstinence). Clients may visit the clinic at its opening hours and appointment is not required.*

* Women who do not practise contraception (including menopause or sterilized women) please use our Women's Health Service or Menopause Service
* Men looking for services other than contraception please use our Men's Health Service
* Birth Control Clinics also serve married women aged below 26. Unmarried women aged below 26 please use our Youth Health Care Service

Nurse Assessment & Services Contraceptive Services

Doctor consultation may be arranged, if necessary, after nurse assessment.

Reversible Contraceptive Methods

Permanent Contraceptive Methods

  • Pre-Vasectomy Counselling
    (cases will be referred to our Men's Health Service where surgery will be arranged)
  • Pre-surgery Counselling for Female Sterilization
    (cases will be referred to public or private hospitals for surgery)

Emergency Contraception

Medical Services

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