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The Children’s Book of Growing Up: The Fantastic Net

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  • Topic Sexual Violence, Sex Culture, Sexuality Education, Family Sexuality Education, Sexual Harassment, Love & Dating, Sexual Assualt, Sex and the Media
  • AuthorFPAHK
  • LanguageTraditional Chinese
  • Targets Parents Youth Children
  • CategoryBook
  • PublisherCOSMOS BOOKS
  • Publish Date2018-07-18
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  • Delivery CostHK$ 16
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Nei has begun social life in the cyber world. Showing off her best side brought her satisfaction, recognition, and even a netizen who made her heart flutter … but why does she still feel empty and lonely? Is the internet a trap for Nei and her friends?
Online gamer Chuen longs to level up, but accidentally stepped into the world of cyber pornography. How did it impact his friendships, family relations and values? How can he stay a balanced and happy netizen? Is the dazzling cyber world a fantasy or a brave new world? 
By reading the story with young readers, parents can guide them to be prepared for the cyber world, on media literacy, cyber bullying, confident and self-image, making friends on cyber world, facing temptation or pornography, cyber security etc.  Some follow up questions are also included to enhance further discussion and facilitate parent-child interaction.