Public Parking Service

FPA Jockey Club Teen Bean Mobile Classroom is open to public on specified dates for visit, with the following service available:

  • Loaning or viewing of books or references
  • Loaning or viewing of multi-media resource materials
  • Ordering of FPA publications and multi-media resource materials
  • Course enrollment and enquiry services
  • Enquiry services on sexuality education

Our loaning service is only available to members. To enjoy this privilege, please apply membership or explore our individual and agency membership scheme.


The latest parking schedule of Mobile Classroom is listed as follows:

Parking Location Parking Dates (Fridays/Mondays*) Service Hours

Kam Kei House, Kam Tai Court, Ma On Shan

4, 18 Jun; 2, 30 Jul

13, 27 Aug; 10, 24 Sept;

15, 29 Oct; 12, 26 Nov


Hiu Ching House, Hiu Chinga Court, Kwun Tong

6, 20 Aug; 3, 13* Sept;

8, 18* Oct; 5, 15* Nov;

3, 17 Dec; 14, 28 Jan


School/Organization parking service is also available to support related sexuality education activities.

Public Parking

Public Parking

Inside Teen Bean

Inside Teen Bean