Notes for ARC Visitors

  1. All visitors are required to use the ARC service and facilities under the regulations, and instruction of our staffs.

  2. The maximum capacity of ARC is 30 people only. To ensure orderly admission, particularly when a guided tour is taking place, crowd control measures may be taken whenever necessary.

  3. Please sign-in before using the ARC service for our record.

  4. Lockers are provided for keeping any schoolbags, backpacks or handbags if needed. Please keep your personal belongings carefully, the ARC will not be responsible for any losses or damages.

  5. Please be ready to leave 15 minutes before the closing hours of ARC.

  6. Children who are under the age of 11 are recommended to be guided by parents or adults to visit the ARC.

  7. Please help maintain a quiet and clean environment. No food is allowed to bring in to the centre. Smoking, running and playing, making excessive noise, and using of beeping devices are prohibited.

  8. Photo-taking or video-taping without permission is not allowed.

  9. Visitors are not allowed to take any items away from the ARC. Bags or belongings will be inspected by the ARC staffs for any suspicions.

  10. The ARC does not serve the purpose for visitors to rest or for self-study.

  11. Notices of any changes of opening hours will be posted on FPA website or inside ARC.

  12. Always put the books or publications in the trolley after reading. Please do not put them back on the shelves.

  13. Please handle all sorts of audio-visual facilities or resources with care. Visitors are liable to compensate for any damages or losses of them.

  14. Please register and fill in your personal data and item code on the "Previewing Service Booklet" in prior to preview any of our audio-visual or other special collections. Not more than five items can be previewed at a time.

  15. Access to computer and preview service will limit to half an hour per session, sessions can be extended if there are no other users.

  16. Only cash or cheque is accepted for payment in ARC.

  17. Should a visitor in breach of any rules, cause a disturbance to others or intervene the smooth running of ARC, we reserve the right to refrain the visitor from attending any activities in ARC.