Corporate Governance

The Association, registered under the Companies Ordinance, is governed by its Memorandum and Articles (M&A). The Council, made up of dedicated volunteers from various professions, is the highest decision making body. It is responsible for reviewing current policies and formulating future directions of the Association.

Honorary Patrons: Lady Wilson
Lady Youde
Patrons: Prof Ho-kei Ma, CBE
Prof Ho Pak-chung
Mrs Joyce Tai, BBS, JP
Honorary Advisers: Mrs Shirley Hung
Prof Lam Tai-hing, BBS, JP
Mrs Lau Yu Po-kwan, JP
Dr Pamela Leung, BBS, JP
Mr Jason Li
Dr Lawrence Tang
Dr Katherine Yau
Dr Agnes Yeung, JP
Prof Paul Yip, MH
President: Prof Hextan Ngan
Vice-President: Miss Lina Yan, MH, JP
Chairman: Dr Cheung Kai-bun
Vice-Chairman: Mr Thomas Wong
Honorary Treasurer: Ms Jessie Ng
Council Members: Miss Chau Pui-kwan
Dr Cheung Tak-hong, JP
Miss Chong Man-man
Mrs Hui Tsang Wai-fun
Mr Kung Man-chun
Mr Ivan Lau
Miss Margaret Lee
Mr Liu Ah-chuen, MH
Miss Mak Po-yu
Prof Ernest Ng
Prof Ng Man-lun
Dr Siu Yat-ming
Prof Carmen Wong
Prof Eliza Wong
Miss Yeung Ching-yu, Julia
Mr Yip Kam-yuen
Executive Director: Dr Lam Wai-cheung, Mona