Family Planning Milestone

The Subfertility Clinic was opened

Formerly called the Eugenics League founded in 1936, the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong was reorganized and renamed under its present name in 1950 to provide birth control services in Hong Kong. The Association became one of the eight founding members of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in 1952. The Association started out by offering the public information on family planning through person-to-person contacts before gradually expanding its service scope. The first Subfertility Clinic was set up in 1956. The Government started to finance the Association's activities since 1955.

Sexuality Education was introduced

In 1964, the Association started to receive grant support from the IPPF. In 1967, the Association conducted the first territory-wide survey on "Family Planning Knowledge, Attitude and Practice" and also introduced sexuality education.

The Youth Advisory Service was set up

The Department of Health gradually incorporated the Association's 32 birth control clinics into its Maternal and Child Health Centres. New services were introduced including mini-laparotomy sterilisation, pregnancy termination operation, youth advisory service and pre-marital medical check-up service etc. The Association also opened its first Women's Club and a reference library. The successfully launched "Two is Enough" campaign quickly became household word in the territory.

The “Be a Mr Able in Family Planning” Campaign was launched

The Association extended its youth services and studies. In 1986, the first Youth Health Care Centre was set up in Causeway Bay. The Association's Headquarters moved to Southorn Centre in Wanchai and officially opened in 1989.

New services and campaign were launched to cater for the evolving needs of the community. Artificial Insemination Service was first offered to help subfertile couples. The Pre-martial Package Service was introduced to replace the Pre-marital Medical Check-up Service. The "Be a Mr. Able in Family Planning" Campaign was launched to urge the male population to assume their responsibility in family planning.

Mobile Clinic was set up

Clientele Management Information System was introduced. New clinical services were launched including the Gynaecological Check-up Service and a pilot shared care programme in Hormone Replacement Therapy. An Advocacy Group for Reproductive and Sexual Health of Hong Kong Women was set up. In 1998, a Mobile Clinic was established. Furthermore, the Association launched a Sex Education Mobile Library and a Menopause Clinic in 1999.

The Osteoporosis Clinic was opened

In response to the changes of population trend and family value of Hong Kong society, the Association suggested "Family Big or Small, Family Planning is Best for All" to raise public awareness on early family planning. New initiatives were made to meet evolving needs of holistic sexual and reproductive health care, including Well Men Clinic, Cervical Diseases Clinic, Osteoporosis Clinic, Breast Clinic and Sex Therapy.

On advocating sexuality education, the Association launched a 3-year "Youth Sexuality and Love Campaign" in 2008, and organized the "4th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education" in 2010, which was the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

2010s – Now
“The choice is yours , plan ahead and plan it well!” API was released

FPA Jockey Club Teen Bean Mobile Classroom was launched in 2011 to promote sexuality education at the community level. In 2012, the FPA Jockey Club Youth Zone was set up to provide youth friendly one-stop services.

Hong Kong couples are more positive about childbearing but many have not attained their ideal parity goals, the Association released a new API titled “How Many is Enough?” to remind couples to plan early in order to pursue their fertility aspirations.