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यौन उत्पीडन पुस्तिका : नेपाली "Understanding Sexual Harassment" Pamphlet In Nepali

Code: Pam_SH_04

  • Topic Sexual Harassment
  • AuthorEducation Division, FPAHK
  • LanguageNepali
  • Targets Ethnic Minorities Educators Public
  • Category Pamphlets and worksheets
  • PublisherThe Family Planning Assocation of Hong Kong

"Understanding Sexual Harassment" Pamphlet in Nepali

  "Understand Sexual Harassment" Pamphlet in Nepali aims at providing information on sexual harassment to Nepali readers to understand the definition and cause of sexual harassment, how to avoid being an harasser and what are what might be the possible ways to face it in case it occurs. Moreover, how can we help people who are being harassed? Together, we can help to create a safe space for all. 


Request for Pamphlet

For requesting the printed Nepali version of the pamphlet ”Understanding Sexual Harassment”, please fill in the request form below. For any enquirers, please contact 2919 7793.