CME / CNE Programs

Updates on endometrial hyperplasia

HIV and Pregnancy

Updates on management of endometriosis

Beyond semen analysis – evaluation of male subfertility

Updates on Human Papilloma Virus and related issues

Topic: Common vulval problems

Healthcare Professionals

FPAHK has been offering the Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) programme in “Sexual and Reproductive Health” since 2004. This is a lecture-based programme delivered by doctors, nurses or allied health professionals specialized in the field with the aims to enhance and update nurses’ knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health, understand the role of nurses in promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and strengthen nurses’ confidence in dealing with reproductive health and sex-related issues in their work. FPAHK is the accredited CNE provider by the Nursing Council of Hong intercourse and sexual skills, common sexual problems encountered by couples, and general sexual dysfunction