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Youth Voice – how I feel and what I've learnt from the 3rd APCRSH

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  • Date9 Jan 2006
  • Category A Word from Friends
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  • AuthorTang Kun - Regional Youth Representative, IPPF
  • Topic Sexuality Education

Feelings towards the 3rd APCRSH…

Overall, I am deeply impressed by the commitments made by the leaders participating in the conference on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, the messages of whose are strong, clear and courageous. As Thoraya Abaid, Executive Director of UNFPA pointed out: “We need to pay special attention to young people…they are crucial to the success of our battle”. Dr. Steven Sinding, Director General of IPPF also pointed out that despite the many achievement Asia and Pacific region has developed, there is still much to be done especially with the younger generation.

In response, a positive participation and involvement of young people can be seen everywhere around the conference. About thirty IPPF Regional Youth Network members from 16 Member Associations were attending all walks of sessions and collecting information about ARH to work out our Newsletters after the conference. Besides, IPPF youth also worked out the final Youth Declaration in cooperation with Network for Youth in Asia Pacific. Various youth initiatives can be found like UNFPA sponsored regional project RHIYA, JOICFP “Movah”, etc. A stream of enthusiastic and fresh blood of youth was highlighted in the reproductive health issues in Asia and Pacific Region.

I believe in youth capabilities and their rights to participate in the reproductive health areas that have a direct impact on themselves. A lot of previous advocacy work of youth participation has been done in the past years, however, in a sense, tokenism still exists. I am sure a more meaningful and productive youth participation should be achieved in the future.

Sexuality Education

In terms of sexuality education, as is mentioned in many of the symposiums and sessions during the conference, “sexual pleasure” should be added into the education. This is truly a tough topic, and will definitely cause uncomfortable feelings among adults when talking about this particular issue to their kids. However, I think to integrate “pleasure” into sexuality education will help adolescent and young adults better understand the essence of human sexuality and will de-mysticize the human sexualities which are so deeply prohibited among people, especially in the context of Chinese society. The chance lies in: by providing comprehensive sexuality education including sexual pleasure, an opener and more tolerant society will be created among the younger generation in the future.


Author's profile: Tang is the  Regional Youth Representative and Council Member of IPPF, Esat & Southeast Asia and Oceania Region. He is now a senior medical student at Peking University.


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