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Which youth sexuality education topic is my main concern?

Ref Number: FP0907E

  • Date10 Jul 2009
  • Category FamPlus2 Says
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  • AuthorFamPlus2 member - Carmen Pun
  • Topic Sexuality Education

I am interested in the topic related to the sex life of youths. It is said that youth hold very open attitudes towards sex. There is a trend that youth tend to have sex in their earlier ages. I’m not sure about how young they were when they had their first sex experience. However, I believe it would be good to find out more on this topic, such as the reasons behind; the real current situation; the possible problems, etc. I believe this is something I would like to investigate and to share with youth, their parents as well as all the people in Hong Kong.

To me, I believe this trend is an effect from cyber love. Young people can now have more chances to build relationships through the Internet. There are numerous websites for dating and meeting new friends, and youth can even meet new friends through the social network of friends (e.g. Facebook). In addition, being in a wealthy society, youth attended more to social relationships so as to improve their quality of life. Moreover, when family problems occur, youth tend to focus on love relationships so as to get away from their family problems. Thus family issues also play a main role in affecting sex attitudes of youth.

There are still much to do in order to study on this issue and I hope I could have a chance to know more and to be up-to-dated towards the situation of sexuality education in Hong Kong.