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Which youth sexuality education topic is my main concern?

Ref Number: FP0907D

  • Date10 Jul 2009
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  • Topic Sexuality Education

Youth are curious about ‘sexual behaviour’ no matter which generation it is, and this is also the main reason of browsing Internet pornography. In addition, there are many news regarding this issue, like, ‘Sex party held by secondary students’, ‘From government statistics, last year, the number of people who underwent abortion and was aged under 18 were about 400’, ‘Youth forcing 14-year-old friend to have sex’. Therefore, I think sexual behaviour is the main concern in youth sexuality education.

Currently, stopping youth from having sex will just further arouse their curiosity. It’d be better if we can discuss the knowledge and possible outcomes of sexual behaviour with young people based, deepening their understanding and lessen their curiosity on sex. The most important thing is to let them know how serious the consequences could be (sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, influence on family and personal life), and consider carefully before the decision. Of course, young people also need safer sex and contraceptive information for protection if they decide to engage in sex later in life.