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Which youth sexuality education topic is my main concern?

Ref Number: FP0907C

  • Date10 Jul 2009
  • Category FamPlus2 Says
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  • AuthorFamPlus2 member - Kenneth Shum
  • Topic Sexuality Education

Adolescent sexual behaviour. Young people nowadays are too causal about sex. Some of them think that love is initiated by sex, while some of the others perceive it as an expression of love, and young women even use sex as a way to keep their boyfriends around and to satisfy their partners’ sexual needs. And since young men get less hurt in this aspect, they even take sexual behaviour as granted in a relationship. Moreover, they are not using proper contraceptive methods and many of them come up pregnant and under age. These reveal that young people are lack of self-protecting awareness and sense of responsibility; we should discuss more about the peer influence on adolescent sexual behaviour.