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FPAHK Sexuality Education Website elected one of the Meritorious Websites 2009

Ref Number: ESEAOR201003

  • Date1 Mar 2010
  • Category FPA Message
  • Targets Public
  • AuthorFPAHK
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Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, enabling information to be circulated quickly and widely to facilitate communication and learning. At the same time, however, there are concerns about the quality of information being disseminated, intrusion of personal privacy, and the pitfalls of a virtual online world. Parents and educators feel the need for young people establish a cautious and healthy attitude towards the use of the internet, but are often at a loss as to how to approach the issues.

Against this background, the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) in Hong Kong organizes an annual “Meritorious Websites Contest” to promote healthy websites. Website with the most votes from the public are recognized. Our Association’s Sexuality Education Website (www.famplan.org.hk/sexedu) was elected one of the Meritorious Websites 2009, the 10th Contest. On behalf of the Association, the Education Officer In-charge attended the Award Presentation held on 21 March 2010.

For this 10th Contest, the slogan was “Surf smartly. Spend our time wisely”. Being the leading advocator and provider of sexuality education in the local community, the FPAHK Sexuality Education website provides a rich source of positive and helpful information to counterbalance the flood of pornographic sites that frequently attract young people. We are honored and delighted to have garnered such support and recognition from the community.