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FPAHK Opens New Clinic in Tai Wai

Ref Number: ESEAOR200901b

  • Date16 Jan 2009
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Dr P.Y. Lam JP, Director of Health, officiated at the opening ceremony of FPAHK’s new clinic in Tai Wai on 16 January 2009. It replaces the old Wo Che Clinic and provides sexual and reproductive services in birth control, subfertility, women’s health check-up and menopause care, etc.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Hextan Ngan, FPAHK Chairperson, pointed out that Tai Wai is a district of high population density and a public transportation hub, and the Clinic offers convenient accessibility to residents of the New Territories East and further along the East Rail. She hoped the Tai Wai Clinic could make the best of this geographical advantage to serve a greater population. Having been developing for nearly 30 years, Tai Wai and Shatin see ageing populations with a greater demand for healthcare services, especially from older women in their menopause. Since 2005, the FPAHK Ma On Shan Women’s Club has been joining hands with the Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) to train women volunteers to become “Bone Health Ambassadors”. The programme aims to raise the awareness of osteoporosis and encourage the early adoption of a healthy lifestyle including proper diet and exercise to prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of fall that could lead to bone fractures. In the coming months, FPAHK will launch a pilot Comprehensive Bone Health Care Programme for Women. PWH will refer patients at risk of osteoporosis to either the Ma On Shan Women’s Club to receive bone health education, vibration therapy and physical fitness training, or the Tai Wai Clinic for clinical follow up.