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The Release of New Sexuality Education Resources

Ref Number: ESEAOR200607c

  • Date4 Jul 2006
  • Category FPA Message
  • Targets Parents Children Public
  • AuthorFPAHK
  • Topic Sexuality Education

The Auditorium of FPAHK was filled with children’s voices and laughter on the summer day of 4 July 2006. It was an “unusual” press briefing to introduce the Association’s newest sexuality education resources and to announce the Association’s participation in the Hong Kong Book Fair 2006.

Four new items including “Q & A on Joyful Sex” for adult readers, “All About Sex – Youth Q & A (II)” for youth readers, “Sexuality Education CD-Rom Kit for Parents and Children” for home sex education, and the New Wardrobe for Tak-tak Kar-kar Sexuality Education Dolls were shown to the reporters. A group of young children was invited to help demonstrate the resources. They played with Tak-tak and Kar-kar happily, changing their clothes and explaining how to protect their bodies. They used play cards to learn about the names of various body parts. Their attractive smiles and innocent comments, together with their enthusiasm and enjoyment, was seen in colour photographs in many local newspapers the next day.

These new resource materials were put on sale in the Hong Kong Book Fair on 19 to 26 July 2006 and in the FPA Libraries thereafter. Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the annual summer Book Fair is one of the most popular events in Hong Kong and attracted over 680,000 visitors this year. Since 2003, the Association has been participating in the Book Fair to promote our resources and services on sexuality education to a wider public. Parents, educators and young people visited the FPAHK Booth to purchase all kind of sexuality education resources. Staff and volunteers worked around the clock during the 6 days, answering enquiries, selling books and kits, and registering new members to our Libraries. To our delight, a record surplus of nearly HK$50,000 was earned through sales this year.