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Christmas e-card to Promote Sexual Harmony

Ref Number: ESEAOR200603c

  • Date1 Mar 2006
  • Category FPA Message
  • Targets Public
  • AuthorFPAHK
  • Topic Others

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) sent a seasonal greeting to the community wishing all couples a happy and harmonious sex life.

Every year, FPAHK sends out Christmas cards that bear sexual and reproductive health messages to clients and working partners. To tie in with the Association’s recent campaign to promote fertility and sexual harmony, a humorous Christmas e-card was designed in December 2005, featuring a loving “couple”, Mr. Penis and Ms Uterus, and their efforts to achieve joyful and satisfying sex.

The e-card was put on the FPAHK website: http://www.famplan.org.hk/fpahk/common/greetings/xmas2.asp and was uploaded on Yahoo Hong Kong’s Y!News and Y!Greetings before Christmas. It received favorable comments and feedback in the media. A total of over 130,000 viewers were recorded in December 2005 and January 2006.