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Hong Kong First Sex Cultural Festival 2006

Ref Number: ESEAOR200603a

  • Date1 Mar 2006
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  • Topic Sex Culture

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) co-organized the First Sex Cultural Festival in Hong Kong, kicked off on Sunday 26th February 2006 at Chater Road in the Central District. The officiating guest of honour was Mrs. Rita Fan, Hong Kong Deputy to the Tenth National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, Chairperson of the Legislative Council, and a Council member of the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong. The ceremony took place during a one-day outdoor Carnival comprised of cultural shows, forums and panel discussions. About 40 non-profit organizations (including sexual minority groups) and commercial companies set up stalls exhibiting a variety of SRH and sexuality related information, games, educational materials, films, literature and sexual health products.

The 7-day event was seen as a milestone for the city to break some taboos on sexual matters. Over 20,000 people were drawn to the outdoor Carnival. Different booths displaying interesting exhibits such as “NuShu” (a syllabic script created and used exclusively by women in Hunan Province, China) as well as the Mobile Library and Mobile Clinic of the Association attracted a steady stream of visitors, young and old, male and female. Many were curious and tickled to see the sex exhibits. Among the visitors, some were parents seeking tips for good sexuality education to their children. Crowd also converged at a booth displaying a “sex bed” developed by a Chinese fitness equipment company that claimed the product allowed couples to enjoy different lovemaking positions in the most comfortable way.

Following the outdoor Carnival, an indoor exhibition was held from February 27th to March 4th at the Exhibition Hall of Sheung Wan Civic Centre to display educational materials, exhibits, film and documentaries. Erotic exhibits such as sex toys and vibrators were restricted to those aged 18 or older. Experts in SRH from Hong Kong, USA, South Korea, Mainland China and Macau hosted talks and workshops on various subjects such as sexual satisfaction, safer sex and equal rights for the sexual minorities including the homosexuals and sex workers. Among the speakers were Professor Beverly Whipple, Secretary General of the World Association for Sexual Health, and Ms Lisa Martinez, Founder and Executive Director of The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation. The FPAHK Women’s Clubs’ Drama Troupe also performed a comic drama depicting the tribulations of marital sex life. The auditorium was fully packed with crowds even standing around the back. The audience participated enthusiastically in the post-performance discussion which was facilitated by an experienced sex counselor.

The Sex Cultural Festival received wide media coverage and participants expressed the hope that its success will prompt further such activities to be held again in future.