“The Voice of Menstruation” Exhibition 2018

“The Voice of Menstruation” Exhibition

Do you recall your first period? When you walk into a convenience store and pick up a packet of sanitary napkins, have you ever thought about what these products have to do with your body? The Association’s youth volunteer team Famplus2 held an exhibition titled “The Voice of Menstruation: Something You Need to Know About Girls” to raise public awareness of psychological issues related to menstruation. The founders of two local groups, Eco Luv Cloth Pads and Happeriod, were interviewed to introduce alternative environmentally friendly menstrual products apart from disposable sanitary napkins. Famplus2 members designed quizzes for visitors and a brochure sharing stories about menstruation, which parents could use to interact with their children and discuss the body and the menstruation.

To promote the exhibition, Famplus2 members conducted street interviews at a university campus to explore young women’s understanding of menstruation, and introduce the Association’s Activity and Resource Centre (ARC).

For more detail, please visit:  https://www.facebook.com/FamplusTwo/videos/384733115442584/