Simulated Society Game “The Love Express” (2014)

38 secondary school students joined the activity which took place at the Sai Kung Camp site. Each participant was given a journey record card and they were free to explore and arrange their daily life within the game time of 90 minutes. By visiting simulated counters such as the Classroom (for acquiring sexual health knowledge), Student Union (for making friends and social interaction), Dating Club (for developing intimate relationships), Karaoke and Café (for leisure and entertainment) etc., participants learned to prioritize their life goals and made decisions when encountering different dilemmas in their life. For example, one might be sexually harassed when working as a part-time model; one might need to evaluate the relationship when his/her lover fell in love with somebody else.

At the end of the activity, participants shared their feelings and insights gained with Famplus2 members. Many said that they had reflected on their own ways of making choices and attitudes on love and dating. They also realized that different choices in life might bear consequences or involve risks to their sexual health. The activity succeeded in raising young people’s awareness of how to make better decisions on intimate relationships.