“Love and be Together” Workshop 2019

The second program under the community project “Red Face No More Project” was a “Love and be Together” workshop held on 24 August 2019. Co-organized with Yan Oi Tong Youth Space, 11 youth were recruited to engage in a reality show with an auction game to explore own attitudes on ideal love, and have a better understanding of own expectations on finding partners.  

In the auction game, participants listed out characteristics of their ideal partners, expectations on love and intimacy, and finally met someone (played by Famplus2 members) who they found attractive. Debriefing was arranged afterwards. 

The workshop provided an opportunity for youth to reflect on the ideal and real side of love, understand their own expectations, and learn how to get close to someone who they found attractive in an appropriate manner. Above all, they got the message that developing self-love is important for strengthening any relationships.