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After I have sexual contact with my girlfriend, I found something white in colour outside the condom. My girlfriend and me are quite worry. I'd like to know what is that white stuff?

Healthy women have vaginal discharge which keeps the vagina moist and clean. Normal discharge is transparent or slightly milky, with little or no odor and slippery in feel. The amount of the discharge varies depending on a woman's menstrual cycle. Increased amount is usually observed in pregnancy and during sexual excitement. Just from the limited description in your email, we cannot conclude whether it is vaginal discharge or not. If your girlfriend is very concerned about her health, it is advisable for her to make an appointment with a doctor for a check-up. Our Association also provides gynaecological check-up for women of all ages. For enquiries, please call our FPA Clinic Services Hotline at 2572-2222.

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