Termination of Pregnancy

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The Family Planning Association provides termination of pregnancy in accordance with the Law. Medical and counselling services are provided before and after the abortion. All FPAHK clinics provide consultation and applicants should prepare to visit us at least twice before termination of pregnancy can be offered.

At the first visit to the Association, our nurse will collect applicant's personal and family medical history and perform urine pregnancy test. Having an abortion is a serious decision. The applicant is advised to take time to reconsider her choices carefully after the first visit. If the applicant decided to have her pregnancy terminated, our nurse will offer her a second appointment to see the doctor, who will perform physical and pelvic examinations in order to assess the risk and determine whether the applicant is suitable to undergo abortion in the Association.

Our Association only offers termination of pregnancy for pregnancy up to 10 weeks gestation at the day of abortion. If the pregnancy is advanced, or the applicant is not physically suitable to have the abortion at the Association, or the applicant prefers, she will be referred to a public or private hospital instead. This referral only facilitates booking at the hospital and the attending doctors in that hospital will make the final decision as to whether it is suitable to have the abortion there.

In Hong Kong, termination of pregnancy can only be legally performed by registered doctors at gazetted hospitals or FPAHK. Performing illegal abortion or abortion by oneself is liable to fine and imprisonment.

Choices for Termination of Pregnancy at FPAHK

Termination of early pregnancy can be performed either medically or surgically. Success rates and safety of both methods are similar. Thus, applicants who fulfill the indications and are not contraindicated to both methods may make their own choice according to the following considerations:

  Medical Termination of Early Pregnancy Surgical Termination of Early Pregnancy
Method Stimulation of uterine contraction to expel embryonic tissues by drugs Removal of embryonic tissues by vaccum suction (inserting a plastic suction tube through the cervix into the uterus to remove embryonic tissues)
Anaesthesia Not necessary Local or general anaesthesia
(FPAHK provides monitored anaesthesia care only)
  • Surgery, anaesthesia and related risks avoided
  • Process is menses-like therefore seems more "natural"
  • More privacy and autonomy
  • Lower risk of cervical or uterine injury
  • More suitable to perform in early gestation
  • Quicker procedure
  • More likely to have a complete abortion
  • Side effects of the drugs, which include vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramps, nausea, diarrhea and allergic reaction
  • Complications including infection and heavy bleeding
  • More follow-up visits are required to complete the procedure and to confirm complete abortion
  • Suction evacuation is needed if the abortion is incomplete
  • Invasive
  • Less privacy and autonomy
  • Risk of cervical or uterine injury, infection, bleeding or intrauterine adhesion which may lead to subfertility

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