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The FPAHK Subfertility Service helps couples who have difficulty in childbearing by providing clinical assessment, investigation and appropriate treatment. Depending on individual case, couples suitable for "Artificial Insemination by Husband" (AIH) will be offered AIH treatment, which entails stimulation of ovulation by oral drug followed by intrauterine insemination. Others may be referred to the gynaecological clinic or the male infertility clinic at public or private hospitals for further investigations.

First consultation coverage:

  • Clinical assessments
  • Taking personal and family medical history
  • Measuring body weight, blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Examination of thyroid, chest, breast and abdomen
  • Examination of pelvis and external genitalia
  • Urine Analysis: checking urine for glucose and urine protein


Please watch the videos of "Conception and Subfertility":

1. What is Subfertility 2. Diagnosing Subfertility
What is Subfertility Diagnosing Subfertility
3. Treating Subfertility 4. Preparing for Treatment
Treating Subfertility Preparing for Treatment

Information on Human Reproductive Technology

For information, please refer to the website of the "Council on Human Reproductive Technology".

For information of Licensed centres, please refer to here

Other Pre-marital & Fertility Preparation

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