22 Mar 2023

Suspension of "Men’s Health Service"

The FPA "Men’s Health Service" will be suspended from 20 April 2023 until further notice. Clients may seek service or assistance from other medical and healthcare service providers if necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

Remarks (newly added on 11 May 2023):

Due to insufficient medical staff with the essential skills and experience, part of our Men’s Health Service has been suspended. The Association is actively deploying internal manpower and recruiting medical staff and hope to resume the captioned service as soon as possible. For those in need of the service, they are advised to approach other medical service providers during our temporary service suspension.

The Association is still maintaining all other sexual and reproductive health services for men, including Birth Control Services for men, Vasectomy, Pre-vasectomy Enquiry Service by nurse, Pre-vasectomy Examination and Counselling by doctor, Pre-marital Check-up, Pre-pregnancy Check-up, Subfertility Service, Artificial Insemination by Husband and Marriage and Sex Counselling Service. We encourage men to use these services as needed.