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The Children’s Book of Growing Up: Why Pick on Me?

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  • Topic Sexuality Education, Family Sexuality Education, Puberty, Gender
  • AuthorFPAHK
  • LanguageN/A
  • Targets Children Parents Youth
  • CategoryBook
  • PublisherCosmo Book
  • Publish Date2014-07-01
  • Selling PriceHK$ 58
  • Delivery CostHK$ 16
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What would you do if being bullied in school? Kam Lung and Kam Fung, siblings and well-known bullies in Sea Island Primary School, are teasing Shun for using pink water bottle and Ching Ching for her developing figure.  

By reading Shun and Ching Ching’s stories and deciding how to react, young readers can learn how to get along with peers, and how to face puberty’s bodily changes. They may also acquire better sense of self-acceptance, and learn to develop healthy self-image and interpersonal relationships.