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Newest Sexuality Education Programme

Ref Number: IPPF0812b

  • Date4 Dec 2008
  • Category FPA Message
  • TargetsN/A
  • AuthorEducation Division
  • Topic Sexuality Education

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) launched a “Good Books of Sexuality Education Reading Award Scheme” to stimulate young people to read widely on topics related to sexuality and relationships. The Association provides a selection of good books on sexuality education for primary and secondary schools which enroll in the programme. An atmosphere conducive for healthy discussions on sexuality topics is expected to be cultivated through the Scheme.

An interactive “Online Animation Session” has also been added to the FPAHK sexuality education website. The idea originated from the observation that existing educational resources are usually in the form of written materials or quasi-medical science documentaries. The Animation is dynamic and interactive, combining fun and learning features. It covers practical aspects of topics which are of interest to teens, such as sex organs, circumcision and contraception. “Classroom and Quizzes” are available in accord with the Animation. Pamphlets and worksheets will also be provided later on to facilitate the work of teachers, schools and organizations.


The above article was published on 4 Dec 2008 at the IPPF ESEAOR website ""Country Highlights"" session: http://www.ippfeseaor.org