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Sexuality Education Workshop for Parents and Pre-teen

Ref Number: IPPF0812

  • Date16 Dec 2008
  • Category FPA Message
  • TargetsN/A
  • AuthorEducation Division
  • Topic Sexuality Education

As part of FPAHK Youth Love & Sexuality Campaign, a Sexuality Education Workshop for Parents and Pre-teen children co-organized by FPAHK and the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BCGA) was successfully held on 10 May 2008. The Workshop was divided into two parallel sessions, namely a parents’ seminar and a children’s workshop, and was attended by 66 parents and 24 pre-teen children.

In the seminar, parents learned about how to communicate openly with their children about love and intimacy. Dr Tsang Fan-kwong, a psychiatrist, shared his experience in “Love Education in Family”. Ms NG Pui-ching, Family Life Education Officer of BGCA spoke on “How to Build Good Family Relationships – Keys to Communication with Teenage Children” and Ms Grace LEE Ming-ying, Education Officer-in-charge of FPAHK, shared tips on “Delivering Sexuality & Love Education at Home”.

The workshop for the pre-teens was conducted by Ms Alice CHUI, AIDS Prevention – Sex Education Project Officer of the BGCA and two Education Officers of FPAHK. Through interactive games and discussion on the topics “Preparation for Love”, “What is ‘Mr and Miss Right’?”, “Get to Know Your Needs”, “The Love ‘Triangle’”, “Consideration for Intimacy”, “How to Deal with Conflicts” and “The Art of Breaking Up”, etc., the children explored their own sexual attitudes and discussed the characteristics of healthy relationships.

The Workshop concluded with a performance by a popular singer of children’s songs, and an exchange of message cards to let both parents and children understand one another’s views and expectations of love and romance.


The above article was published on 28 Dec 2008 at the IPPF ESEAOR website ""Country Highlights"" session: http://www.ippfeseaor.org