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Which youth sexuality education topic is my main concern?

Ref Number: FP0907B

  • Date10 Jul 2009
  • Category FamPlus2 Says
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  • AuthorFamPlus2 member - Crystal Wong
  • Topic Sexuality Education

Nowadays young people are early maturing. Their thinking is more open than the last generation, and premarital sexual behaviour has become one of the serious problems among young people. In the society flooding with information, young people are often exposed with porn messages through various channels. They may not know how to be critical and just satisfies their curiosity and desire without much consideration. Eventually they become more naïve in their behaviours.

From the government statistics, last year, the number of people who underwent abortion and aged under 18 was about 400, not including those illegal cases. This shows that youth are not clear about the knowledge, responsibility and outcome of sexual behaviour. In my opinion, we should provide youth with more positive information, proper attitude, and point out the responsibility and possible outcomes of adolescent sexual behaviour. In this way, they can have more understanding on this issue, and will not do something out of momentary curiosity or satisfaction that could lead to serious consequences.